MOD 300

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The MOD 300 milk vending machine is a medium-large sized model, perfect for use at a slightly busier farm gate or located away from the farm. With two milk tanks at a capacity of 200 litres each, it gives you the flexibility to increase volume on busier days, and change the milk tank quickly and easily if it runs out. The spare tank also makes this model ideal for location away from the farm. Both milk tanks are fully sealed and supplied with sturdy wheels for ease of transportation. They are also are fitted with a CIP sprayball for easy and thorough cleaning on the farm.  The MOD 300 model comes with lots of extra features, such as GSM notification, credit key system and concealed dispensing nozzle, making it a really slick and functional machine.

Basic features:

  • Fully refrigerated interior with temperature control alarm
  • Clever nozzle design stops foaming and mess while milk is being dispensed, making the machine low maintenance and perfect for use away from the farm as well as at the farm gate.
  • Concealed milk dispenser nozzle for added hygiene
  • 2 x stainless steel round milk tanks with 300 litre capacity each
  • Simple coin payment system (does not give change)
  • Electronic rechargeable credit-key reader: Allows your regular customers to own a credit key, which they can repeatedly top up with credit at the vending machine and use to purchase their milk. This avoids the need for customers to remember to bring small change with them at every visit. This function also allows you to operate a "loyalty discount" for regular customers if you wish.
  • Removable dispensing nozzle for easy cleaning
  • Fully refrigerated dispensing chamber
  • Dispensing chamber automatically steam-cleaned after each customer
  • GSM system: sends you SMS and/or e-mail notifications if the desired milk temperature in the tank is exceeded or the milk tank needs refilling.  Audit in reply to a call or at one or two predetermined times.
  • Dimensions: W 780 x D 1000 x H 2200 mm

Optional extras:

  • Change giving payment system (coins only)
  • Air barrier for insects
  • Spare tanks for ease of servicing


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